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Upper Valley Disposal & Recycling is specifically equipped to handle the diverse needs of the vineyards and wineries in our service area. With our one-of-a-kind pomace removal program, we ensure that you can keep to your schedule during the busiest time of year, harvest season. We turn grape pomace into certified organic compost and one of the more sought-after compost in the region. Our compost is being used in the north bay wine growing regions as well as in central valley farms and a product of choice by the landscaping community.

All services offered to commercial customers are available to the wine industry. In addition, we pride ourselves being able to offer services that ate unique to the wine-producing industry. We can provide recycle bins and boxes for materials such as drip hose, glass, or plastic wrap. If you have a material you are interested in recycling that is not listed anywhere on our website, please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator to discuss details.

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Grape Pomace Removal Service Offerings

  • 40 cubic yard boxes for Stems only
  •  20 cubic yard boxes for pomace only
  • If you are a smaller or rural winery, we do have smaller bins available. Contact us for details

Grape Pomace Collection Guidelines

  • As we get closer to Harvest Season, we ask our local wineries to remember the following:
  • Pomace loads cannot have waste-water dumped into them. This is considered contamination. Loads with a high moisture content will not be pulled
  • Please do not overload the bins. Drivers will leave bins that can’t be safely lifted by our trucks.
  • 20-yard bins can’t be more than 2/3 full. Otherwise, they may be subject to overage fees or rejected entirely
  • Please give us a 4-hour notice for bin exchanges
  • If you’re using liners, please ensure they are securely in place before dumping pomace
  • During peak season, we offer our service from 3:00am – 7:00pm
  • 40-yard bins are for stems only
  • 20-yard bins are our standard size for pomace, but we also have smaller bins available for small and rural wineries

Please contact our office at 707-963-7988 to set up service. 

Pomace Season Contacts

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